Three Things You Should Know Before Hitting Send On Your Pitch

By October 11, 2023April 30th, 2024Media Release, Pitching
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Sending out a pitch without thoroughly understanding the media outlet you’re targeting is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It just won’t work. It might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many pitches miss the mark simply because the homework hasn’t been done.

What type of stories are they covering?

Before you even think about hitting ‘send’ on your pitch, ensure you’ve taken the time to immerse yourself in the outlet’s content. What types of stories are they covering? Are they currently focusing on any trending topics? For print, a good rule of thumb is to read at least eight articles before crafting your pitch. For podcasts, listening to at least four of their episodes is a good start.

What is the tone, voice and style?

Understanding that every media outlet possesses their own style and unique voice that defines its identity is the first step. For instance, something that is going to be a good fit for Channel 7 isn’t necessarily going to be a good fit for Vogue Australia. As you consume your target media, pay attention to their distinctive tone and voice. What demographic are they writing to? What is their style? These insights are vital to ensure your pitch fits with their style and audience and is tailored to them.

Who are you directing your pitch to?

Oftentimes, the editor isn’t always the gatekeeper when it comes to pitches. Many outlets have sub-editors or specific journalists who cover specific beats, such as health, politics, community and sport. You can usually find this information online or on the publication’s masthead. Remember, journalists are real people, so if you manage to find a name, be sure to humanise your pitch and address it directly to them.

In the world of PR, research is your best friend. You need to familiarise yourself with the media outlet to ensure your pitch is relevant – not only does it go back to ensuring you’re putting your efforts in to reach your target audience, but it will dramatically increase your chances of getting a YES from the journalist if your pitch actually fits within their content pillars. Being really familiar with the media outlet and their content will also help inspire you with ideas and to shape your pitch accordingly!

Taking the time to ensure your pitch is well crafted and tailored to your target media will have a big impact on your chances of success.

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