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By October 9, 2023October 13th, 2023Pitching
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One of the biggest mistakes people make is simply waiting for the media to come to them. This couldn’t be further than the truth!

Journalists are inundated with information, stories, leads and hundreds of emails daily, so if they don’t know about you, they can’t be featuring you.

In fact, I’ve had several journos tell me that they find it so hard to find people who are willing to be interviewed in their area of expertise, and that they’re always on the lookout for credible sources to add to their books that they can call upon when they need a comment from an industry expert on topical matters.

So, yes whilst the media do want to hear from you – remember, it has to be NEWSWORTHY and relevant to their audience.

Always put yourself in the journalist’s shoes – their job is to report on news and community events, not to promote your organization. It’s your job to find the right hook, or newsworthy angle, so they want to report on it, earned media, which gives you that fabulous media exposure.

You’re aiming for a WIN-WIN outcome – you’re making their job easier by providing a great angle, talent and visual opportunities so they can put together a story that engages their target audience.

You also must remember you cannot control HOW and WHEN the media choose to tell the story – if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what paid advertisements are for! Too often I see people get so caught up in the narrative they want the journo to tell, they forget to consider it from the media outlet’s point of view and find that WIN-WIN sweet spot.

So, if you’re an expert on a specific topic, flick them an email letting them know you’re available to comment on any stories that might come up within your field. That way, next time they need an expert for a story, you’ll be top of mind. Or if you’ve identified a newsworthy story of interest, let them know!

Being proactive is the key to securing media coverage, so start reaching out …. Now!

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