PR Project BDmag COVID video Portrait

Re-launching BDmag in a digital format during COVID-19 restrictions, I wanted to create a video that acknowledged economic and mental pressures that business owners were experiencing, but also to inspire resilience, positivity and the feeling that as a business community, we were all in this together.

Working closely with Hello Blue Productions, I interviewed the talent and provided feedback throughout the editing phase. The video achieved significant engagement on social media with over 14,000 views.
Video Credit: Hello Blue Production

“Julie is fantastic at what she does! She's incredibly good at coming up with creative concepts (in a very short period of time) that are effective and engaging. When we've needed assistance with scripting, developing concepts or PR coaching, Julie has always been our first point of call and has always delivered. We've loved having Julie on shoots with us as, she's very good at building rapport with clients, putting them at ease and conducting interviews.”

Nick BentDirector/Videographer, Hello Blue Productions